2005: Champagne

2005: Champagne

August came a-knockin on the Man Of The Hour show, and it led the guys to all kinds of topics. Wonder what the meteorologists have to say about season change? They’ve got you covered! The problem with Patrick’s shorts? They talked about that too. What about the world famous Langlois (the town, not the man)? They’ve got something to say about it, and its hot dogs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2001, er, ‘16,  if the guys weren’t talking about Pokemon. A walk on the Hudson river sets off a discussion on the Pokemon Revolution Summer, and really dumb people doing dumb shit. You don’t wanna miss this week’s episode, so grab your champagne headphones and hit play!


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Emillie Marvel is a writer, junior editor, programming assistant, and general do-er of things at idobi Radio. When not working for the broadcast, she enjoys even more writing, reading, and all things related to autumn.
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