2001: 20 Seasons In and We Still Can’t Get Rid Of These Guys

2001: 20 Seasons In and We Still Can't Get Rid Of These Guys

Get ready, because it’s time to dive into the twentieth season of Man Of The Hour! Pat and Seb are back again, and they’re so excited about their return it can only be described as ecstasy (their words, not ours).

The guys tell stories about blink 182, Simple Plan’s Europe experience, and come up with ideas for a Snapchat assistant while they spend a lot of time talking about how they should be talking about the past four months.

This episode proudly brought to you by, Coors Banquet.

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Emillie Marvel is a programming assistant at idobi Radio. Outside of work, you’ll catch her trying to live like ‘Friends’… or at the very least, find her own Central Perk.
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