2103: The Hot Ticket

The third episode of Man of the Hour’s 21st season is a lucky one, thanks to Seb’s four leaf clover (that basically only works for guitar picks). If you’re tuning in this week, you’ll hear conversations about Limp Bizkit and Lady Gaga and renting your local movie theater.

As if that wasn’t enough, the guys also chat about Brangelina and Tinder, after Chuck’s annoying voicemail makes a guest appearance. It’s all here on idobi Radio, don’t miss it!

This episode brought to you by, Thursday Boot Company. Head over to thursdayboots.com/moth to see a selection of Seb and Pat’s favorites!

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2102: Where Did This Accent Come From?

There should only be one thing on your agenda this Thursday, and that’s listening to the latest Man Of The Hour podcast. This week, Seb & Pat take on Smallpools and big pools, satisfying careers, and everyone’s celeb crushes David Beckham and Justin Timberlake.

The guys also chat about the hip prime minister and whether or not Canada is America’s backyard. Hit play above!

This episode brought to you by, Thursday Boot Company. Head over to thursdayboots.com/moth to see a selection of Seb and Pat’s favorites!

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2101: The Legal Season

Thanks to supply and demand, your week just got an injection of Pat & Seb. The guys are back for the twenty-first season of Man Of The Hour, and now that the show is legal, they have a lot to talk about.

Tune in to find out the guys’ opinion on Instagram stories, and learn about Pat and the Backstreet Boys, while Seb makes everyone feel bad and delivers a mystery box for Pat’s son Benjamin. The only question left is, how bad will next episode’s hangover be?

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2010: The Big Season Finale

It’s a sad day, kids, because Man Of The Hour’s 20th season is coming to an end. Before they leave your Wednesday nights, though, they’ve got a podcast to hold you over on all of your basic MOTH needs: Comedy, music, and really weird stories.

The guys wrap up the season with some of their most sensible conversations yet; like sleeping naked and cold hotel rooms. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the guys’ first jobs were, they covered that too, and Seb’s scam store return, and things Mark Hoppus is known for. It all fits nicely between their remix themed playlist, with unclear clarifications if R.Kelly’s “Ignition Remix” should count.

Hear it all above, and brace yourself for next season, when Man Of The Hour gets legal.

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2009: Weird Karma

This week’s Man Of The Hour is about being bang on average… At least, at first. Other items on the agenda include Costco cake and unwashed cars (in the same conversation, no less.)

The guys also check in on what the Spin Doctors have been up to, talk about how nice it is not going back to school, and deliver the MOTH olympic wrap-up. It’s all here on idobi.com, don’t miss it!

This episode proudly brought to you by, Coors Banquet.

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2008: Feelin’ This

It might not be The Rock Show, but we swear you won’t be Bored To Death when you tune into the latest episode of Man Overboard… er, Man Of The Hour.

This week, we hear about blink 182 concerts and the cheese guy, homeowner problems and pool mice, Seb’s Instagram dream and what’s been going on with the Biebs, all in the same hour—proving that the guys just might need a three hour block to cover everything.

This episode proudly brought to you by, Coors Banquet.

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2007: Where’s Patrick?

It’s the episode that almost didn’t happen on this week’s Man Of The Hour. Listen in to find out what almost came between you and this week’s show, and learn how to steal messages from cards to look like a poet.

What else happens on episode double-o seven? Blink 182, Good Housekeeping, and bad hotel neighbors. Don’t miss it!

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2006: Birthday?!

What happens when birthday surprises are a surprise to the planner and not the birthday wife? Find out on this week’s episode of Man Of The Hour, along with topics like stealing shit, forgetting wires at people’s homes, and games on planes. It’s all right here, right now, so hit play and enjoy!

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2005: Champagne

August came a-knockin on the Man Of The Hour show, and it led the guys to all kinds of topics. Wonder what the meteorologists have to say about season change? They’ve got you covered! The problem with Patrick’s shorts? They talked about that too. What about the world famous Langlois (the town, not the man)? They’ve got something to say about it, and its hot dogs.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2001, er, ‘16,  if the guys weren’t talking about Pokemon. A walk on the Hudson river sets off a discussion on the Pokemon Revolution Summer, and really dumb people doing dumb shit. You don’t wanna miss this week’s episode, so grab your champagne headphones and hit play!

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2004: The Fourth (Episode) Of July

Here you go, another episode of Man Of The Hour, just like you ordered. This week, we’re introduced to a (shortlived) new, mature Patrick and given a history lesson on Mike Posner. Afterwards, Seb tells us about his new hobby that’d make all the middle schoolers proud, and good guy Chady calls in to show off his good guy radio voice.

Later in the show, the guys inform you on the five conversation habits of charismatic people, making this the most educational MOTH yet. And since you can kind of call it summer studying, you can totally listen to it five times in a row, right?

This episode proudly brought to you by, Coors Banquet.

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